Choosing the type of wood for the floors: light wood, dark wood, red wood and wood brown

Types of wood flooring, the types of essence, there are many different types of flooring not only in terms of shape and sizes, but also at the level of essence, with different characteristics, different colors and grains.

Why choose parquet

The parquet is a piece of furniture that can give results pleasantly relaxing and welcoming. Keep in mind that wood is a natural material, alive, that goes very well with any type of decor. Depending on which you choose you will find the essence of colors, shades, veining from gold to red, always able to meet your tastes and give you great emotions. Remember two things: that the progressive exposure to light tends to darken the wood and that the bathrooms is good to choose an essence resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

The light woods

American maple: from Latin America, is a very light beige-colored wood which has a very low level of oxidation.

Beech: it is an essence typically European Union, the pink tint, which bears little changes in temperature and is therefore unsuitable for flooring with underfloor heating.

Oak: wood is clear that with the passage of time takes on a yellow color. Since also reacts badly to humidity and temperature changes, is considered unsuitable for floors with underfloor heating.

The brown wood

Iroko is an essence from Africa. Its color is yellow, but changes color when exposed to light, this essence is particularly indicated for humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Teak: it is an essence of a tobacco color available both in Asia and in Africa, extremely resistant to moisture, to such an extent that it is used in the marine industry and shipbuilding.

Afromosia: African essence, slightly sallow, able to withstand excursions and therefore also ideal for floors with underfloor heating.

The red woods

Merbau: it is an essence Asian brown color to yellow, with the gradual exposure to light, it tends to change color.

Doussiè africa: the essence is golden reddish-that is well suited to different uses, even in the case of floors with underfloor heating.

The dark wood

Wenge-Panga: African essence particularly dark, is not subject to changes in color when exposed to sunlight. E 'therefore ideal for different applications.

Mutenye: African is an essence that comes in different shades of color, ranging from brown to yellow up to the gray, almost black. Despite being a hard wood, it is not suitable for heating panel.



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