Design innovations and simplifications of law with the infrastructure sectors, land and building

The Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development, Infrastructure and Transport, in consultation with the other competent Ministers approved a bill that introduces new and significant simplifications in the productive sectors are crucial for the country's development, such as infrastructure, transport, construction and territory.

- Financial viability of projects and tenders.

To ensure that the projects to be implemented with public-private partnership contracts are suitable to ensure adequate levels of "bankability" since the race for the award, the contracting authority may request that the tender submitted is accompanied by an expression of interest from a bank to finance the transaction. Through this prior consultation with economic operators invited to tender, it will be possible to bring out - first of custody - any weaknesses of the project in terms of eligibility by the banking sector. In addition, it introduces the "calls-type" for the assignment of partnership contracts prepared and approved, subject to the opinion of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Authority, the Supervision of Public Contracts.

- Reassignment of a new concessionaire appointed by the lenders of the project.

The bill intervenes takeover of the school, an institution that helps to ensure the continuity of the concession in the event of termination of employment for reasons chargeable to the dealer.

Is introduced, in particular, a statutory minimum term (120 days, extendable for another 60 on a reasoned request), to replace the term remitted to the contract between the parties as is the current situation for the designation of the new concession on the part of lenders , who in this way more time to make their own choices. Is left, also the will of the parties the determination of the criteria and modalities of implementation of the right of takeover.

With this guarantee, the financing of the work is more attractive to the banking system.


- Central purchasing body for the award of concessions.

To encourage the use of the instrument of the concession also by administrations of medium and small - which often lack the internal expertise necessary to activate the special procedures - it introduces the possibility of having recourse to central purchasing bodies, already experienced institute for public procurement.

The central purchasing body is a contracting authority is purchasing supplies or services intended for contracting authorities or contracting entities, or awards public contracts or concludes framework agreements for works, supplies or services intended for contracting authorities or contracting entities.

E 'therefore a tool to facilitate the work of public contracting authorities, which may be associated or group together, uniting the organizational functions upstream




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