Disposal Eternit: procedures and cost estimates

Compensation of € 245 million and about 3,000 shares in question, these are the numbers of the maxi-trial Austrian company, a manufacturer of asbestos cement. On the docket are going up these days in Turin, the former leaders of multinational Eternit. At the preliminary hearing had already made a dozen plaintiffs, including public bodies, associations, unions, INPS and INAIL who had asked for a multimillion-dollar compensation to compensate farmers.

"There are estimates of mortality due to asbestos - supports the French lawyer, Jean Paul Teissoniere - indicate that 100,000 victims in France alone between 1995 and 2005, and 500,000 in Europe at the same time and we hope to soon be able to do in France what is happening in Turin. Of course, what matters is not only begin but also carry forward a result, we know we will encounter many difficulties. " The next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 25 and will remain dedicated to the preliminary questions.

Where is he hiding Eternit?

Meanwhile Altroconsumo makes the point on the possible disposal of Eternit. To have been manufactured in this product would be highly carcinogenic products and buildings built before '94. The problem generally arises when you do renovations or repairs in a home.

Complaint and removal

If suspect materials are found you can request an investigation. If you suspect the presence of asbestos in your own home you can fill out a form autonotifica, usually downloadable from the site of the Region or its Asl. There is no requirement of removal if not in the case in which the material is present in the form friable, judged dangerous to health.

In order to remove the material should contact a specialized company, entered in the national environmental managers. Www.albonazionalegestoriambientali.it on the site by clicking on Member Directory, you can search by province and category of the companies attending the Roll.


Removing an asbestos cement roof costs around 13-15 euro per square meter. Additional costs to consider are: the scaffold, from a minimum of 500 € for the simplest type up to several thousand euro in more complex cases, and the Plan of action for removal, a document that the company must prepare and submit the local health authorities responsible for the area to explain how it intends to move. To pay is the owner of the property. If the materials are to be removed in the common parts of the building, the expense is divided between condominiums.




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