Guide to the charges, regulations, incentives and steps to follow for the renovation of properties

Renovate the house, out of necessity or for investment is an important moment of their lives with costs and sacrifices not indifferent. The choices are many and varied: regulations, bureaucracy, relations with the company, choice of materials and furnishings, traditional or innovative solutions.

Cost estimates and architectural choices

The cost of a renovation depends on several factors: the main expenses are due to plants (hydraulic, thermal and electrical) and finishes. Careful design and comparison of quotes from different companies with a single metric can achieve excellent results with an effective savings.

Important is the choice of windows and doors that must be characterized by a good thermal and acoustic insulation, by easy maintenance and durability. The floors and walls have a wide variation in prices, such as those in stone and marble are more expensive than tile or laminate. The use of special treatment of the walls, mold resistant and washable paints allow for better preservation of the surfaces but have a higher cost of simple paintings. Home Automation and Advanced system solutions can significantly affect the final cost of the restructuring

The demolition of partitions and doors are interventions that have an economic impact for major renovation limited compared to other factors. Change the layout of the rooms is an important choice, but whose cost is justified by the great benefits you will get, especially because following the amendment of the rooms can be fully realized an apartment that meets your needs.


Objective: an apartment suitable to the needs of the customer

The rooms of the house they lived for many hours of the day and for many years of our lives. A design-conscious of the needs and the needs of the Clients is critical to achieve comfortable apartments, comfortable, cozy, great attention to detail and pleasant to live. The houses express the lifestyle of the people: the 'interior architecture with different distributions, spaces, materials, furniture tells about the historical moment in which the houses were inhabited.

The contemporary house is characterized by environments proportionate and never superfluous, you try to delete the corridors and spaces of transition, there is a clear division between the area and the sleeping area with ONE DAY bedrooms characterized by the search for privacy and silence. The contemporary home reflects a company with small families, where the components are most of the time at work, the spaces are optimized with fitted wardrobes and lofts because the cost of building space is very high compared to the cost of living. The balconies and terraces are becoming increasingly important and often host storage areas and the boiler. A large living room contains a kitchenette, lounge and dining area. In this main ambiento often is positioned the entrance of the apartment. The bathrooms are generally small but numerous.

The house reflects today's culture and society. The restructuring of the apartments that we design and manufacture recovered by integrating the best features of the past with the news, the tastes, the values of the future.


Regulations, building practices and responsibility of the owner

Before embarking on a restructuring should be evaluated types of interventions provided and figure out if they fall in the ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, according to this you can complete the corresponding building practices and notice of commencement of work at its own municipality or city hall.

Often routine maintenance are much longer, expensive and invasive than routine maintenance, for example demolish a partition between the kitchen and living room creating an "open space" with kitchenette falls into the "extraordinary" and replace all the floors and screeds , coating and edit the walls of the bathrooms falls in '"ordinary". The first intervention could have a period of a few days and a very limited cost (under 1000 €), while the second can last for months and at a high cost (above 500 € / sqm). Defines the "type of service" Presidential Decree 380/01 TU Construction and renovation of an apartment usually falls in the activities of free building (but beware it is not easy to understand when you do not fall).

To find out which rules which follow, building practice to prepare, how to deal with the town and with the Land Registry you can request our free consultation. We recommend that you do not rely directly on to a firm but to seek the assistance of an architect who will protect your interests with professionalism and competence.

The interventions carried out without authorization and subsequent variation municipal cadastral as well as bringing a criminal offense at times, leading to problems in the deed as a result of recent legislation on compliance cadastral. Regularize an apartment does not comply is much more expensive than getting permissions before you carry out the work. The responsibility for work performed without authorization, on listed buildings and companies who do not comply also falls on the owner (or in the case of condominiums on 'administrator).


Companies, specifications and construction management for the renovation

The main concern of many Clients are not the architectural choices but the management of payments, deliveries and relationships with the company carrying. Our business is also time to delegate and assist the customer for these tasks. The documents that we write for a perfect control of the work are the following:

- Metric Calculation: is the count of the materials and all machining operations to be carried out in the restructuring. The metric is a tool that allows you to control the fees charged by the company to the individual assets making it clear his actions and payments. The calculation also allows you to compare the quotes of different companies on individual processes allowing a comparison more reliable and complete.

- Specifications: It is a document that completes the computation specifying the method of construction and the characteristics of workmanship and materials. The calculation calls "the quantity" specifications "qualities".

- Contract: specific times, payments, financial burdens, certifications any other penalties, guarantees and other matters relating to agreements between company and customer.

The phase of construction management involves monitoring the activities of the firm, the compliance of the materials used, the quality of its products and operations, monitoring of the agreements made with the Customer. The project manager verifies the full correspondence between design and implementation.


Renovation of an apartment as an investment: pros and cons

One of the best investments in Italy is the famous "brick." The real estate sector is solid and the houses are an asset that retains its value over the decades as well as allowing excellent returns in the case of rent. Restructure to invest is a solution that many of our clients take to get great gains in a short time. Clearly, it is important to have sufficient cash available to go to the expense of the work.

Buy an apartment renovation is a worthwhile investment if you evaluate the right features of the house and you have the ability to understand how, with a few steps to dramatically improve the situation.


Facilities for restructuring: deduction of 36% and 55%

The cost of a renovation can be deducted from taxes at a rate of 36% in 10 years. For some types of interventions that allow energy upgrading the tax rate is 55%. The deductions of 36% and 55% are effective tools to save money, the procedures for entitlement is simple. It is important to make the payments to the company and the technician by bank transfer and keep invoices for inspection. Deductions for the restructuring are also applicable to numerous interventions of maintenance.




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