New rules governing the transformation of the attic in the house

"COUNTRY BECOMES THE ATTIC" recovery for residential purposes in the Lazio region of attics existing LR 16/04/2009, n. 13

Finally also the Lazio region passes the law on attics. Almost all Italian regions, influenced by the "plan", have regulated the management and recovery of existing attics.

The law greatly simplifies the procedures restore housing and the increase in volume.

Here are the highlights:

- Allows recovery for residential purposes of the attics of existing original entry into force (06/05/2009)

- Reduces the minimum internal height to provide access to media: 2,4 m for residential premises and 2.2 m for the local service

- Reduces the ratio between floor surface and surface aeroilluminante, so the windows or skylights must meet the ratio of 1/6 instead of 1/8 of the floor

- Provides the ability to elevate the roof or to lower the ceiling of the room below are achieved for the requirements of minimum internal height up to a 20% increase of the existing volume

It should also be pointed out that the law expands the definition to the attic:

"... volumes below the pitched roof of the buildings, even if already counted in the residential volume, if they are susceptible of division through the creation of an intermediate floor to ensure compliance with the minimum heights ... ".

While previously confined to define them as volumes included in the outline of coverage and is not counted as residential volumes.

The purpose of L.R. 16/04/2009, n. 13 is to promote and encourage the recovery of existing environments, and in many cases, already used for housing purposes, trying to avoid the impact of new construction and limiting the use of the land, through a more suitable (and therefore regulated) utilization. In particular, we try to encourage and promote the use of energy-saving technologies.

The restoration project must meet the requirements of thermal insulation (in accordance with Articles 4, 5 and 6 of Regional Law 27 May 2008, n. 6) plan to save water, recovery of building traditions and sustainable bio resort to sources renewable energy (photovoltaic - solar thermal). In particular, you must meet:

- The building's hot water needs for hygienic sanitary measure not less than 50 per cent

- The electricity needs not less than 1 kW for each housing unit

So that you can start the recovery of the attic is necessary to observe certain conditions:

- The attic must be contiguous or adjacent to the property

- The building must have been carried out regularly, have been condoned and not present any type of building permit violations

- Must respect the internal height average (2.4 m for residential premises and 2.2 m for the local service), the minimum height of the wall can not be less than 1.5 m for spaces to residential use and 1.3 m for those of service. In case of lower walls will need to close them with walls or use as storage units etc..

- The intervention must comply with the architectural features of the building, sanitation requirements relating to the conditions of viability, in addition it is necessary that it is inappropriate relationship with the area in which it falls.

- It is necessary to comply with the requirements of aeroilluminazione ratio (equal to 1/6 of the floor) so it is allowed to open windows and skylights

- Must comply with the requirement of residential parking areas to the extent indicated by the municipal building regulations, and in any event not less than 1 square meter per 10 cubic meters of volume housing (however, if it can be justified in finding suitable space, implement the recovery of the attic in derogation to the municipality paying the construction costs necessary for the implementation of parking)

- If the municipality in question is addressed to the regional fund to support access to homes for lease, then it will be possible to carry out the recovery of the attic provided that it complied with its obligation to allocate the new housing units to the lease negotiated rents and not alienate it for at least 5 years.

It is not possible to recover in the historic centers (homogeneous zones A) and possibly in other areas except at the discretion of the municipality.

The restoration is classified as building renovation and may be in derogation of the municipal planning instruments in force and adopted.

The operation is subject to the payment of the payment of the construction according to the scales approved and in force in each municipality, it is calculated based on the volume that is made housing, in this contribution the municipalities have the right to apply an increase of up to 20% . This increase will be used for the construction of urban redevelopment and housing.


Exclusions are obviously excluded from the scope of the recovery properties falling in areas with constraints related to cultural, environmental and landscape, or to technical difficulties that will adequately documented.



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