The advantages of using wood in furnishing and construction of floors, ceilings and walls

The wood is timeless element, it is a wise choice that does not fear the arrival of new materials produced by technology. Let's find out why ...

The wood is a key component in the furnishing of classic style. We want to identify some of the reasons why the wood is a much prized apart from those that are its aesthetic characteristics. The timber has in fact, among its many properties, the ability to be a good insulator and from the point of view of thermal and acoustic, to be durable and at the same time durable.

We review in more depth these properties: the wood is a good thermal insulator as it has a low thermal conductivity and a high specific heat, this means that the heat propagates very slowly inside it and it takes a significant energy to increase the temperature of a degree centigrade. From these words it seems that the timber is able to hold a warm environment, but do not forget that at the same time keeps it fresh by virtue of its high specific heat which results in slight variations in temperature corresponding to maximizing the outdoor temperature increases.

The wood is not only an excellent insulator from the thermal point of view but it is also from the acoustic point of view because the transmission speed of sound inside is remarkably low, this is reflected in a dampening of the sounds and noises from external sources. When dry is also a good electrical insulator, a feature that fades in inversely proportional to the increase of its moisture.

Those who have examined so far are the characteristics that identify the wood as a wise and wise in our furniture both for both the furniture that the coatings themselves. An enemy of the wood is the moisture as it can trigger the production of parasitic organisms such as fungi that lead to a deterioration in initial maturation results in a complete disintegration, this drawback is easily overcome by the application of chemical elements that protect it from contact with the air and act as a repellent against insects harmful to it. You want to say a few words on the teak wood that is resistant to moisture and that precisely because of this characteristic has been used for the construction of the floors of the bridges of ships and railroad cars.

The wood he particularly appreciates the resistance due to its unique fiber structure that give rise to the grain which manifests itself in the circles of growth and in those who show pleasing designs restful to which we are all accustomed to. It also talks about the warmth of wood in relation to its color, the wood can take a color ranging from reddish to a pale yellow. There is talk of cool and warm colors and wood colors fall into this last category, which is why the wood to the eye is a very nice and relaxing.

The wood is used since antiquity for both the decor that for the construction, it has recently been joined by materials of synthetic nature but have not been able to take its place. A choice to do so then you do not ever reveal obsolete but remain over the years.




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