You can deduct 50% of the costs incurred for the mandatory training

The professional who participates in courses for continuing education mandatory, deducts expenses from self-employment income to the extent of 50%. To clarify this is the Inland Revenue in a circular in which he transferred on paper the answers to the questions of the professionals participating in the Map.

The Inland Revenue has transformed into a circular (Circular No. 35 / E) responses of the Administration that the technicians have provided to professionals in the form of professional development (Map), an annual comparison, live on television, including the Revenue and professionals ready to expose issues that need clarification.

Several issues addressed, among them the deductibility of expenses incurred for mandatory continuing professional training courses. With the reform of the professions the obligation will be extended to architects and engineers, so it is good to know that the expenses incurred, including travel and accommodation, will be deductible up to 50%, as is already the case for all other training courses or conferences.

In the circular, in fact, the Inland Revenue clarifies that need to refer to Article 54, paragraph 5 of the Income Tax Code, according to which "the cost of participation in conferences, congresses and similar or professional training courses, including travel and living are deductible to the extent of 50 per cent of their amount. "

"We believe," says the circular, "that provision, with no distinction as to the nature of the course, also applies to expenses incurred for the participation in continuing education required of registered professionals."




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