The best free programs for management and accounting

In this article we will see the best free programs for the management of accounts, business accounts and personal, useful for keeping the budget under control both personal and family that related to his professional activity, or even the company.

We see the best I have found and which are free, certainly, on the internet, there is a fair abundance of management programs for small businesses and for their own personal finances, so if you know better ones, the comments are wide open to all kinds of signaling .

I stress that these programs are safe and that the data stored on your computer can not be spread in the network to strangers (remember, however, that a PC must be protected).

Recalling that in another article mentions two services to manage bills online, listed below are the best programs for the accounting management of their own money or a business budget.

The article s extends into three parts with a separate section devoted to programs to manage their finances, investments, expenses and money in general, and one dedicated to open-source applications company management, crm / erp, accounting and Finance.


1) My Money Express, an Italian program with many features that you can download for free.

Used to control and track all revenues and expenditures of money in a year, very suitable for computer management of family accounts.

For each item of expenditure or revenue items, you can easily mark the reason in an extremely simple and it really is a program for everyone and that does not require high technical skills or economic.

Really useful function of reporting and planning with the ability to create detailed graphs of expenditure and to make predictions for the future.


2) IPase is a software to manage bills and tax payments, taxes such as CI, such as Rai and stamps.

It is based on a schedule and it is useful to control the movements in the calendar banking and payments or invoices to make or receive.

The program is really simple to use and guides you through the compilation elle recorded items with configurable fields and clear.


3) For the accounting staff can use the online service of Money Trackin with which you can record the items of expenditure and revenue, directly online, so do not store anything on your computer and you can access the data wherever you are .

You can calculate the rate of a purchase or a mortgage and you can receive an alarm if you're spending too much.

Very useful if you have pockets full of holes and needs to control himself not to squander the money.

Security and privacy are guaranteed because the application uses SSL to encrypt data and does not require any personal information (even mail address is optional) in order to be completely anonymous to the system.

To use the service, you must register, then it is really easy to use to insert cash flows, marking them with a + if it is incoming, with a - if you are out.

The reporting is very functional and includes charts for the monthly budget and the breakdown of the various items that can also be exported to Excel.

There is a calculator and a currency converter, and to use it in a more practical, there is a plugin for Firefox Moneytrackin to install.


4) Money Manager Ex is a free program that can be brought on USB key without installation.

Very simple to use, the management is used to manage the finances for both professionals and families.

The interface is very simple and intuitive and you can also check multiple accounts together with items of expenditure or gain custom.

You can monitor banking transactions, investments and payments of bills as well as many other things.


5) When moving the scope by staff all'aziendale, there is a free and open source management called Phasis, available for Linux, MacOSX and Windows.

The main function is the management of the warehouse and suppliers to organize inventory and manage your invoices to be issued or to be collected.

It presents an excellent program for small businesses and SMEs.


6) Another free management software to manage the warehouse is Yuza Open Erp Express with many features, from loading to unloading of individual products, from DDT to invoices both immediate and deferred, monitor the movements, check stocks and much more.

Yuza is very professional and allows for a small company or a shop, to manage the process of registry, purchase (offers and orders to suppliers), sales offers and orders to customers), inventory, accounting and counter sales with the Cash and touchscreen support.

It seems strange matutto is free, including manuals that you can download on the site.

Of course, then there are paid versions, Express or Professional.


7) Accounting and Billing SME is a free program for freelancers or to manage the accounts of a small company.

It seems very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and associations, to manage the accounting records and simplified billing, delivery notes, reminders, whether monthly or quarterly VAT including "forfettone" schedule of clients and suppliers, tax statements and certifications of payments to third parties.

This program is called Light Company, then there are other and more complete versions with more features, for a fee.


To conclude I would say that with Microsoft Access, you can create a management from scratch and without paying anything, with a certain ease of use, even if it required a study of the program.

To manage a small business or to organize the work of an SME, it really is not recommended to pay a high-level accounting system as SAP or others can be very expensive, with Access you can really handle high volumes of data safely and efficiently.



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