LED home lighting: overview of the main characteristics of LED bulbs

In the furniture market, thanks to an innovation in the lighting field, there is an ongoing renewal: I'm talking of LED lamps. Owing to their features, you can get solutions until a few years ago difficult to think.

In furnishing the house, but especially in lighting is an innovation that is revolutionizing the market: LED lamps. I'll try to clarify with some facts and figures since the bet of Led seems now won in all respects, especially the overall environmental performance and savings. The LED lamps have a longer life, lower consumption, increased resistance to knocks and bumps, and most of all are more environmentally friendly.

In the market for lighting and furniture, business leaders promise a high energy saving at home in fact:

1. the latest LED bulbs make only 60 lumens (while an incandescent bulb classic 40-watt equivalent to 490 lumens) for a total use of only 3.4 watts per hour.

2. the brightness of the LED system goes down 3% following the first 3000 hours of illumination, in order to become stable for up to 100,000 hours (which on the other hand correspond to 11 years of use 24 of 24), after which occurs in a collapse of about 70%.

3. the LED is rather cold, or rather little heat. At most touches the 40 ° on the outside, and in so doing ensures the optimization of the effectiveness with energy dispersed in smaller quantities and therefore less energy used.

The high versatility of LED bulbs will contribute to the massive disappearance of incandescent bulbs, in the way, however, become a Directive of the 'EU order. Even at the level of aesthetics and interior design, Led light allow different colors: warm white or cold, and a wide range of colors (red, blue, green, yellow).

There are 2 minus points: the price of items of lighting that have so far been put on the market. Prices are unquestionably higher than traditional bulbs but the supply market is adjusting well to the positive responses of the application.

In addition, customers experience a power less finicky when it comes to illuminating a full house or large surfaces but the speed of technological innovation will grant short-best solutions, I'm more than sure.

In short, with the arrival of Led the dear old incandescent bulb with its warm yellow light will be only a distant memory.




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