Maintenance boiler houses: the Blue Sticker boiler. What, how and when you do, legal requirements, auditing and certification

Before the arrival of winter and then the cold, it's good to prepare in advance with the periodic review of the boiler and Blue Sticker boiler, boilers Safe operation. This, is not to run the risk of being without heating and hot water, in the months when needed most is to verify the proper operation of our boiler. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Italian law provides for the operation Boilers Secure - Blue Sticker, certification of the same for security reasons, in fact, if it were to burst and then cause an accident due to malfunction, the home owner will have to responding lack of control of the boiler. 

Let us see how the Blue Sticker Boilers

What is the Blue Sticker Boilers?

The Blue Sticker boilers is the certification that attests to the correct operation of the boiler and then the system installed in the apartment. The Blue Label is, in fact, issued as the result of numerous theses controls to verify the integrity of the boiler, how it works and about the emission of pollutants released through the exhaust fumes, which must be within the limits set by law .

What does the Law about the Blue Sticker Boilers? And 'mandatory?

The Blue Sticker boilers is provided for by the law DL 192, 19 August 2005, stating that the controls on the boilers and the emission of harmful gases must be performed every 4 years on all external boilers that have less than 8 years of life. Later, the Ministry of Environment, on the Decree, has specified that the 4 years are the maximum time within which to carry out the checks for the Blue Sticker


How do the Blue Label Boilers?

The Blue Sticker Boilers must be requested directly from the owner to the individual homes or by the administrator in case of condominiums, the certification is only as a result of various controls at the expense of specialized technicians, to be carried out on the installation and fumes exhaust. The positive outcome of such controls, allows the release of Blue Sticker boilers which must be communicated to the institution in charge of the individual Local Authorities.


How do you communicate the entity responsible for the outcome of the checks Blue Sticker Boilers?

To communicate the results of the inspections, the entity in charge of the individual Local Authorities, certification according to the law, it can be done through:

- The maintainer enabled (Law 46/90) that I personally fill in the appropriate verbal and releases the Blue Sticker Boilers

- A self with which the individual user attests to the proper functioning of its boiler attaching to this is the Blue Sticker boilers and the report issued by the maintainer enabled


How much do the Blue Label Boilers?

The Blue Sticker boilers has a cost that depends on the Kw of the boiler, and are equal to:

- Less than 35 kW boiler (fuel liquid / solid) with annual obligation € 12.00

- Less than 35 Kw Boiler (gas fuel) with mandatory two-year € 12.00

- Boiler between 35 kW and 116 kW with annual obligation € 24.00

- Boiler Kwe between 117 to 350 kW with annual obligation € 36.00

- Superior Boiler to 350 Kw with mandatory half-yearly


The State carries out inspections to verify the implementation of the Blue Sticker Boilers?

Yes, the controls are carried out audits on a sample, and is the same for Electricity Distribution Company to instruct the execution of useful controls, aimed to ensure that users have performed in terms of the law, the obligation of the Blue Sticker Boilers .


How are the tests of boilers Blue Sticker?

The controls to monitor the implementation of the Blue Sticker Boilers occur in the sample, and:

- Do not include additional costs for plant owners

- Can not be avoided

- Each control is communicated 20 days before by means of a postcard

- At the end of the check is issued to the owner, a copy of the verification document that attests to the actual issuance of the Blue Sticker Boilers


What are the costs and the operations provided for in the Memorandum of Understanding, for the Blue Sticker Boilers?

The operations that the maintainer / installer must perform in accordance with the regulations in force are:

- Control the absence of gas leaks and control the state of operation and maintenance of the component parts on the system

- Scavenging control efficiency and control was the use and maintenance of the component parts on this apparatus

- Check suitability of the local installation of the heat generator including ventilation openings and / or ventilation

- Cleaning the burner and flue gas side of the generator relative

- Conducting analysis of combustion to optimize the performance and emissions

- Verification control systems, block and regulation of the generator

- Documentation system foreseen by current regulations


The maximum rates allowed for the above operations, for maintainers / installers who adhere to the Memorandum of Understanding shall not exceed € 100.00 excluding VAT, including Blue Sticker




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