Ratified the new standard for WiFi connections (802.11-2012): improved performance, enhanced security and advanced networking

IEEE announces new specifications of wireless networks promising network more efficient, capable and performance

Rome - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) published the specifications of the new standard for interconnections WiFi, 802.11-2012. The latest revision of the standard - the fourth in its history - integrates the development work done over the past 4 years.

802.11-2012 With the WiFi becomes more efficient, capable and powerful, says IEEE, increases security and advanced networking features are available concerning QoS, mesh networking, transitions between WiFi networks and mobile phones more uniform.

Carbon nanowires for future chip

Two teams of researchers in Australia and Sweden have achieved important results in nanofabrication techniques. Realizing a nanowire around which was literally wrapped a metal gate

Rome - There are those who try to use the carbon nanowires to refound the entire castle electronics and microchip manufacturing, and who experiences the creation of nanowires in which you advance above traditional research - of course without disdaining potential applications in the development of higher performance chips.

Smartphone: study shows which activities are most common and widespread

A study commissioned by Google shows which activities are the most common and popular among smartphone users.

Surfing the web, search online, using mobile applications, watch movies, access to social networking platforms and video sharing, inquire about products and services and their prices. Here's what smartphone users, according to the study "The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users", conducted by Ipsos OTX on behalf of Google.

Italian project for ecological house that produces six times the energy it consumes

A house super environmentally friendly and in perfect Mediterranean style. Produces six times the energy it consumes, is made of different materials typical of Mediterranean environments and is designed to protect from the heat and resist climate change. The teachers and students have designed the project MED in Italy, involving the University of Roma Tre and the Laboratory of Industrial Design at the University La Sapienza. The house is the first Italian prototype to the final at the Solar Decathlon, the Olympics green architecture of the Department of Energy of the United States to be held in Madrid in September 2012. Premiered in Rome, the Mediterranean house is designed to be used in tourism but also in emergencies: the speed of construction and installation make it a perfect accommodation to house immigrants or people affected by earthquakes.

The Future of Mobile Phones: brain interfaces

A genius on the part of a group of researchers from San Diego who have developed a system that allows users to dial a phone number on a cell phone using only their thoughts! This is the first instance of a "brain interface" applied to mobile phones! This would provide many new and enormous advantages: for example, people with disabilities or anyone who needs it busy as it is nowadays, engaged in performing more tasks simultaneously and maybe even have your hands full or who regularly perform activities that require a high degree of mental focus.

Research on new types of photovoltaic panels

A properly engineered pathogen would increase the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by at least a third. It would cost almost nothing to implement it in the standard production process

Rome - A research team at MIT promises to provide a response to those who are looking for a cheap and feasible way to increase the efficiency of energy production of solar cells. About a genetically modified virus and carbon nanotubes. 

Super lithium battery Made in Italy: the most powerful and safe

It is an evolution of the common lithium-ion battery, but compared to these is much more efficient and secure. The superbatteria made by the team of researchers led by Professor Bruno Scrosati Rome's La Sapienza mainly serve to fuel electric cars, thanks to its high autonomy and remarkable thermal stability.

The study conducted by Jusef Hassoun and Bruno Scrosati of Wisdom, in collaboration with Yang-Kook Sun Hanyang University in Seoul, is published in the prestigious journal Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Interest Swedish Italian cold fusion

The "cold fusion Bolognese" has set a trend among academics in Sweden, discussing a complex phenomenon to be explored. An opening that bodes well, but the road to the understanding of the E-cat is still a long

Rome - The alleged cold fusion experienced by two researchers at the University of Bologna continues to discuss the scientific world, but at least this time the criticism and skepticism give way to a broad line of credit from two Swedish scholars. That they admit in the "energy catalyst" Bolognese some reaction there was no doubt, but the phenomenon is complex and should be studied more thoroughly. 

Future lithium batteries: critical mineral supply

Availability, forecasts and competition are the critical success factors

For Innovation Cube, the area of innovation that has characterized the last car Bologna Motor Show, one of the leitmotifs was "to show what you normally do not see in a car" and, between the various technologies shown, the lithium ion battery is undoubtedly the one that today plays the most crucial to the success of the electric car.

The variables for the diffusion of lithium-ion batteries are financial and geopolitical: the small and poor Bolivia is the Saudi Arabia of lithium, having 73 million cubic meters of lithium carbonate, more than half of the global amount. It 'easy if it is estimated that only one country, in fact, the holder of lithium means that the price is not going to decrease, even if you increase production.

Progress of home automation: technological, functional and design

In recent years, home automation or building automation has made significant steps forward in terms of technology, function and design.

All this is due to the fact to implement new technologies in existing products and introduce new ones with more orientation towards the Web and the Internet.

This last point is perhaps the most interesting and worth further develop it better.

If we do a roundup of electronic devices that allow us to manage the automation of the building and integrate it with the network of networks you will see that many manufacturers, both big brands like to name a few Vimar, Bticino, Gewiss (the three leading equipment manufacturers electrical installations for residential / industrial) that many other small and medium producers have a catalog of devices in addition to managing the installation locally, offer the ability to interface with the Internet and manage everything even remotely anywhere in the world, according comfortably seated in an armchair.

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