Lease home: who is entitled to maintenance costs?

The ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the house has a cost partly borne by the owner of the property and, in the case of lease, in part by the tenant. Both sides of the lease must comply with the duties on the cost of building maintenance.

Maintenance. The owner of a rented property have a duty to deal with the cost of routine maintenance expenses. The burden of the extra costs shall be borne by the owner who may, however, make up applying a higher rent at the inception of the lease. Extraordinary expenses are borne by the owner regardless of whether or not they respond to a legal obligation. The property owner has to face the costs of repairs necessary to keep the property in good condition. In case of emergency, upon notice to the owner, the tenant can afford the costs of repair to restore the good condition of the property (eg, boiler repair) charging after the owner all costs incurred. Any damage caused to third parties (eg, water infiltration) are the responsibility of the owner.

LED home lighting: overview of the main characteristics of LED bulbs

In the furniture market, thanks to an innovation in the lighting field, there is an ongoing renewal: I'm talking of LED lamps. Owing to their features, you can get solutions until a few years ago difficult to think.

In furnishing the house, but especially in lighting is an innovation that is revolutionizing the market: LED lamps. I'll try to clarify with some facts and figures since the bet of Led seems now won in all respects, especially the overall environmental performance and savings. The LED lamps have a longer life, lower consumption, increased resistance to knocks and bumps, and most of all are more environmentally friendly.

Which only the types of boiler that can be installed in a dwelling? Open chamber boiler, boiler room sealed, condensing boiler

Open chamber boiler

The boiler open chamber "natural draft" permits the draft in a natural way, the exhaust fumes.

Its operation is to take the combustion air to the environment, through the openings front or side.

The fumes are transported by a natural draft through the chimney, which leads them outside.

The new regulations allow the installation of this boiler only outside the house or in places where there is a special ventilation.

The installation of a boiler room within the home can open exclusively to replace one of the same type already existed previously.

Systems used for the purification of water contaminated by arsenic

The contamination of water by arsenic is just an Italian problem?

Unfortunately, the contamination of water by arsenic affects the entire planet: the continent of Asia is the most affected, particularly in Bangladesh where the concentrations are also coming to some g / L. Australia also there are problems of arsenic as well as South America, particularly Argentina, but is also an issue in North America, Northern Europe, etc. ...

In Italy, which are the areas most heavily penalized by arsenic?

In Italy, the presence of arsenic in water intended for drinking has taken on aspects of a social problem when you consider that affects over 100,000 people in regions such as Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy: in fact amounted to 128 municipalities whose drinking water showed an arsenic content exceeding the limits of concentration, 10 g / L (ie 10 ppb), provided by the European standards. In some isolated cases, these values have reached a concentration of 100 ppb.

What are the time prescribed by law for the maintenance of boilers

When you buy a boiler, the seller should also inform you about the maintenance to which it is subjected. In particular, those with a boiler in your home should know that it can undergo two types of maintenance: one, called ordinary, is topped by two reference standards, or the Uni-Cig 10435/95 and the Uni-Cig 10436/96 , which are defined according to the safety rules, operating and cleaning the boiler, such as actions to be taken annually.

The second type of maintenance is given instead by the "compulsory by law", namely the verification of the combustion efficiency and the examination of the fumes of the boiler, with particular reference to age and model of the boiler according to the reference standard n ° 192/2005, as amended by No. 311/2006.

What are the air conditioners that consume less and work better: some advice

In this period in which the spring is still awaited, experts debate about what kind of summer we're going to deal with. Some say it will be a late summer than usual, those cooler summer than normal. From these predictions depends on the market trends of the tourism industry but is also relevant to an appliance typically seasonal: The air conditioner. The purchase of this appliance, which is widespread in homes, offices and shops, in fact, significantly affected by heat waves. In addition to decreases due to the decrease in household income, due to the crisis, we can see that in 2003 in the face of a hot summer, there has been a boom in purchases, also confirmed in 2006 with a +22%, while there was to a decline of 16% between 2007 and 2008 and between 20% and 25% in 2009. Since we do not know what kind of weather can we expect the near future, we decided to provide you with some useful tips to avoid last-minute purchases, when the rush to free us from the heat leads us to a little judicious shopping.

Rules on deadlines and maintenance time of the boilers

Domestic accidents due to poor maintenance of the boiler, which often lead to the death of entire families, have been the subject of legislative scrutiny that has resulted in the introduction of obligations for the maintenance of boilers currently provided for by Legislative Decree 192 of 2005, the so-called code of ' energy.

The proper retirement of the boiler, the test of the fumes that must be performed periodically as they aim to prevent accidents in the home and to preserve the air pollution avoiding the release of harmful gases not controlled.

Maintenance boiler houses: the Blue Sticker boiler. What, how and when you do, legal requirements, auditing and certification

Before the arrival of winter and then the cold, it's good to prepare in advance with the periodic review of the boiler and Blue Sticker boiler, boilers Safe operation. This, is not to run the risk of being without heating and hot water, in the months when needed most is to verify the proper operation of our boiler. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Italian law provides for the operation Boilers Secure - Blue Sticker, certification of the same for security reasons, in fact, if it were to burst and then cause an accident due to malfunction, the home owner will have to responding lack of control of the boiler. 

What are the characteristics that differentiate the TV? Screens LED, LCD and Plasma

The imaging technology is advancing faster than ever, high definition (FullHD) has become a standard and the choice of which TV to buy is going to be based on other factors, parameters and prices.

Since the advent of digital terrestrial many people are forced to buy a new TV, let's try together to see which technology is better, between the LCD TV, Plasma or LED.

As already done for computers, we see things to know before buying a new TV.

How to choose the right uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your PC?

In the summer than at other times since the risk of blackouts is much higher due to the higher energy consumption due to air conditioning and overheating of electrical installations.

To protect themselves from this kind of problem, in recent years, on the shelves of computer stores have appeared UPS, more commonly known by the name of the UPS.

This kind of device is able to eliminate voltage spikes, surges and especially to feed the device connected to it (computers, printers, monitors, etc..) In the event of accidental interruption of electrical current, avoiding the loss of unsaved data up to that moment.

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