Paper vs. Internet Advertising: Outlook

2011 will see the final passing of online advertising on that paper. This trend was anything but unexpected, given the ever increasing use of the internet for information and entertainment, a rather unfortunate news for newspapers and magazines, after decades of subjection to the cathode ray tube, were seen to give the coup de grace from the network.

The first cuts on print advertising in favor of the internet began in 2005 with an increase of 31.5% of adverts online. While the global market of advertising has undergone general cuts of nearly 50% over the past six years, online advertising has maintained its steady growth estimates, reaching parity with the printed version this year.

In 2011, therefore, the turning point. The affirmation of the Internet as an advertising medium primary (always after television) is related to causes of a different nature. The relentless decline in sales of newspapers and their conversion to digital format is definitely one of the main reasons, as well as the increasing availability of services on the internet, including those furniture (the advertising market alone is estimated at around a billion dollars ).

To all this must be added the birth and the incredible popularity of social networks, irreplaceable advertising vehicle that draws on a pool of users that until a few years ago could only be reached by television. Last but not least, the technology provided by the network, with the possibility, via tracking cookies found on many sites, to acquire, process, and then use the personal data of Internet users, offering them as advertising calibrated to measure, and therefore more effective .

The forecast for the next few years see the online ad market grow steadily, reaching a peak in 2014 with investments of over 40 billion dollars. A revolution is not only to hit the advertising market, but also to all users, actual and potential.




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