What are the main benefits of a bamboo parquet: environmental sustainability, lightness, strength, wide choice

Marble, terracotta, wood or bamboo ...! It 'also the correct material for the floors to make sustainable our house. A bamboo flooring is a responsible choice because ecological but also convenient in many points of view!


Bamboo is a "catch-CO2"! Each hectare of bamboo plantation is able to capture every year up to 17 tons of carbon dioxide, as many as 40 times more than that absorbed by a forest of the same size. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not a tree but a grass. And 'why not regenerate as quickly and does not fear extinction. In spite of the traditional trees that are usually cut after 20 years, bamboo can be used even after 3-5 years. The speed with which it grows, varies depending on the species. That used for parquet is Phyllostachys pubescens, which can become up to 20 meters high and have a diameter of 18 centimeters.

Prefinished parquet: what is it, how much it costs, advantages and disadvantages

Parquet, a modern interpretation of traditional parquet with the same charm and the same features as the first but with a considerable advantage in terms of cost savings.

A modern interpretation of the traditional parquet

The parquet flooring is made up of different layers of these essences to grasp, for each of them, the maximum benefit. So this is a modern interpretation of traditional parquet, which in any event always retains its original charm intact.

How to check the conformity of the cadastral plan of a building: procedures, tips, sanctions and void in case of sale

Before the act of sale (deed) of a property you need to check the correspondence of the cadastral plan with the state of affairs, under penalty of nullity of the act. This innovation was introduced from 1 July 2010 with important consequences for those who need to sell a house. Many buildings, especially condominiums, have been modified over the years without requiring their authorization or without providing the updating of the cadastral plan following the interventions of changing the internal layout (moving partitions, creating new rooms and / or bathrooms). In these cases, the solution is to proceed with the regularization of the state urban development (shared) and cadastral (land office, Land). In the case of small differences (as described by Circ. 02/2010 of the 'AoE) can prevent the change. 

Interior doors: characteristics of different types to choose from

In addition to their purpose of division and space management and isolation from the standpoint of noise and heat, interior doors have an important aesthetic role, taking part in all respects furnishing of the house.

During the purchase of the interior doors for the house you have to wisely assess the aesthetic appeal in addition to the purely functional point of view, to buy a product that fits harmoniously with the home environment.

Among the materials used to make the interior doors are set in a particular way as glass and wood. The wooden interior doors are usually available in different finishes and wood to fit any type of area, walnut, cherry, Tanganyika, wenge, zebrawood, teak, rosewood, teak and many other solutions.

What are the protective measures, the degree of urgency and the procedures to be followed for the removal of asbestos

The evaluation of the degree of urgency of the protective measures in buildings and procedures for the remediation of lightweight panels and asbestos cement sheets. Safe procedures in the preparation and execution of remediation work.

In this articles will address the issues related to the risk of asbestos and the subsequent prevention measures to be implemented, especially in relation to the activities of persons to carry out remediation. 

What should check before buying a house?

Buying a home is often the most important investment of life. Check for complete technical and administrative regularity and check the status of the property is in fact crucial to avoid bad surprises. Below you will find a list of things to check before making a purchase proposal.


1 - Regularity urban

The regularity or compliance planning of a property is the first fundamental aspect to check. To do this you need to compare the state of affairs with the habilitation authorization with which it was created (or modified) the building. The title can be:

- Building permit (buildings built before 1977)

- Building permit (buildings built between 1977 and 2003)

Compliance planning and construction of a building: definition, when it is needed, what it is, deed and compliance, responsible for abuses

Each property is legitimized and made to comply with building regulations with a plan submitted to the municipality. Knowing the conformity housing and urban planning is useful when moving or turning on a mortgage. The responsibility for compliance in the case of the notary deed but not the seller, to protect it is possible to entrust the drafting of a declaration to a qualified technician.

Regularity urban

Each property to be achieved, must be authorized by a procedure called habilitation of the municipal administration. The relevant legislation is the TEU (Consolidated Housing DPR 380/01).

Guide to the charges, regulations, incentives and steps to follow for the renovation of properties

Renovate the house, out of necessity or for investment is an important moment of their lives with costs and sacrifices not indifferent. The choices are many and varied: regulations, bureaucracy, relations with the company, choice of materials and furnishings, traditional or innovative solutions.

Cost estimates and architectural choices

The cost of a renovation depends on several factors: the main expenses are due to plants (hydraulic, thermal and electrical) and finishes. Careful design and comparison of quotes from different companies with a single metric can achieve excellent results with an effective savings.

The declaration of conformity of home systems: definition, when required, obligations, penalties

The Ministerial Decree 37/2008, evolution of the Law 46/90, governs the construction, maintenance, and design of systems in buildings. The declaration of conformity of the systems is a document issued by a company authorized following the installation or modification of a plant. If the "compliance" is non-existent it is possible to proceed with the DIRI (declaration of conformity). The decree describes the obligations and penalties for the owner deeds and renovations.

Declaration of Conformity

At the end of the work, the official of the company that has changed or installed the system, issue the customer the declaration of conformity. This document is composed by the report of the materials used, the forms attached in the decree and the design drawings (if applicable).

Trade apartment: what are the documents to be verified, as it is possible to remedy the deficiencies, the difference between legalization and amnesty

Before you sell and buy an apartment from the technical point of view, the main documents must be checked are:

- Title qualifying with which it was made the building (Building permit, license or construction permit)

- Permits obtained for internal changes that resulted in a change in the distribution of environments (DIA, CILA, SCIA)

- Cadastral data, including the cadastral plan

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