Turn off computers and smart phones during the night: pros and cons

This will not be a question that does not let us sleep at night, but I think it is interesting to know what to do with their electronic items: tablet, mobile phone or computer.

There are times when you would ever want to shut down your pc or smartphone because there is some program or application in the background that you want to keep active.

On the other hand, turn the device off is always the best way to resolve errors or problems, especially if it has been on for a long time. 

ADSL: comparison average connection speed of the various providers and tools to test the speed of your connection

Unfortunately, in Italy, Internet connections are far from being the fastest in Europe.

According to the ranking made by sites such as Akamai Italy has an average speed of internet less than Spain, England, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway and also Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic

Practically we are among the richest countries in the past, just above Turkey and Greece (and other Eastern European countries). 

Programs for management and connectivity of Android smartphones from PC via WIFI or USB

For mobile phone HTC, Samsung or other models that have in common the Android operating system, do not provide a good management program of the mobile phone as it happens, for example, for Nokia who have the Nokia Ovi Suite or the iPhone that has iTunes.

It thus remains an open question for a program that encompasses all the features of management and organization of contacts, SMS, photos, applications, music and video, so you can make backups of security and to streamline the phone data easily and fast. 

How to properly backup your PC? A guide to procedures, software, hardware and online

The computer has become today a precious object, not its commercial value, but for the amount of data that are stored in it.

Those who work with the computer always needs that it is fully functional and that there is no risk of losing the documents, but also those who use computers for entertainment only holds valuable information in memory, and I think especially to photos, as well as personal documents.

For these reasons, when a machine breaks down, can be a disaster if there is first prepared.

How you can create yourself a home cinema and economically connect to your TV?

Today it is much easier to watch movies or connect to video sites like Youtube from your television.

For example, without having to buy a decoder, you can, with modern TVs, connect a USB drive to which there are movies to see.

Who does not have a TV with USB plug can always connect the XBox 360 using it as a multimedia station or buy a multimedia hard drive, the ones with the buttons on top and a management software inside (as were the older VCRs).

Smartphone and mobile phone security Risks: European Security Agency advice for the protection of devices

Today everyone has a mobile phone and almost everyone has a smartphone, or a mobile phone with touch screen that connects to the Internet and can be used almost like a computer via applications.

Who has a cell phone smartphone uses it all day checking email, playing, writing on Facebook, taking pictures, chatting and surfing on the internet.

What we forget is that any device that connects to the Internet necessarily becomes vulnerable to intruders and security risks.

Software technical drawing: a guide to CAD

CAD software is the application of computer technology to the design, particularly in technical drawing and engineering as part of a product, including entire buildings.


It 'a method of communication is visual, is based on symbols, and its conventions are particular to each specific technical field of application. The proofs can be made in two dimensions ("2D") and three-dimensional ("3D").

Calculation of energy consumption: free software

The association EAAP, thanks to the financial contribution of the Cultural Foundation for Ethical Responsibility Onlus has made available on its website the software ECHOES.

ECHOES allows the user, starting from the value of its energy consumption (annual expenditure in euro), to simulate the same time more energy upgrading the plants to produce electricity, heat and cooling, up to the solution that returns the best result, as both economic and environmental benefits.

ECHOES, or echoes, correspondences: those between the parts of a building that interact with each other, with ourselves and with the environment that surrounds us.

Professional studies and companies: free software

Let's see another roundup of free programs, this time choosing the best to use in small companies or professional activities in the home.

The purchase of software for a company or for a single professional can really be a big investment that you can really save.

As already explained several times in fact, an account is a free program for personal use, another bill instead is the open source program that licensed under GPL, can be used in any business, legally, to work with the purpose of gain.

The best free programs for management and accounting

In this article we will see the best free programs for the management of accounts, business accounts and personal, useful for keeping the budget under control both personal and family that related to his professional activity, or even the company.

We see the best I have found and which are free, certainly, on the internet, there is a fair abundance of management programs for small businesses and for their own personal finances, so if you know better ones, the comments are wide open to all kinds of signaling .

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