Rules on deadlines and maintenance time of the boilers

Domestic accidents due to poor maintenance of the boiler, which often lead to the death of entire families, have been the subject of legislative scrutiny that has resulted in the introduction of obligations for the maintenance of boilers currently provided for by Legislative Decree 192 of 2005, the so-called code of ' energy.

The proper retirement of the boiler, the test of the fumes that must be performed periodically as they aim to prevent accidents in the home and to preserve the air pollution avoiding the release of harmful gases not controlled.

By Legislative Decree 311 of 2006 introduced changes to the code are then energy by introducing a new discipline inherent deadlines and timing of maintenance that are no longer determined by the law, but rather by the technical instructions given by the installer. If this instruction will lack the owner or the tenant, or the building administrator action to report them. The coach of the boiler is required to prepare a report in writing and signed, in which you give precise deadlines for maintenance: report to be officially handed over to the owner or operator or administrator.

The law then provides that the boilers of power equal to or greater than 350 kW must be inspected every year while, if the boiler is below 35 kW, the controls can be made in the two years in the case of boiler older than eight years, while if the boiler most recent checks can be carried out every four years. The period of two years to control is also applied to water heaters flame. Having a boiler not up to standard or not checked regularly can be dangerous to themselves and others so that the law provides that if the boiler prove the rule as a combustion efficiency lower than that prescribed by law, there is an obligation the owner to replace it with other rule within 300 days after the.

The party obliged, if it considers unjustified ascertain done and the decision to replace the boiler, may appeal thus leading to suspension of the period for replacement. If the system is older then 15 years, Rose possible in houses dated building, an energy audit is planned outlining interventions to reduce energy expenditure class of the possible improvements in the energy certification system currently in force.




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