What are the air conditioners that consume less and work better: some advice

In this period in which the spring is still awaited, experts debate about what kind of summer we're going to deal with. Some say it will be a late summer than usual, those cooler summer than normal. From these predictions depends on the market trends of the tourism industry but is also relevant to an appliance typically seasonal: The air conditioner. The purchase of this appliance, which is widespread in homes, offices and shops, in fact, significantly affected by heat waves. In addition to decreases due to the decrease in household income, due to the crisis, we can see that in 2003 in the face of a hot summer, there has been a boom in purchases, also confirmed in 2006 with a +22%, while there was to a decline of 16% between 2007 and 2008 and between 20% and 25% in 2009. Since we do not know what kind of weather can we expect the near future, we decided to provide you with some useful tips to avoid last-minute purchases, when the rush to free us from the heat leads us to a little judicious shopping.

The first tip to keep in mind when selecting the air conditioner is to buy the device with the power to adapt to its needs updating. For this reason we do not recommend last-minute purchases, as the haste can lead to the purchase of the first plant available and not the most suitable for our needs.

Second, it should always evaluate the possibility of installing solar screens and curtains that go to reduce heat in the environment and the work of the air conditioner. A further type of evaluation is the possibility to opt for the installation of heat pumps (air-water) in addition to cooling in hot weather, can be heated in colder ones. This choice can be interesting especially in new buildings and well-insulated.

When buying an air conditioner requires care, as well as to the power also to the filtering system, analyzing the amount of air that an air conditioner can treat expressed in cubic meters / hour.

Chapter use the air conditioner. It 'important that the air conditioner, chosen according to the needs of the environment in which it is inserted, freshen the environment in an optimal manner. It is recommended to not exceed a temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature of 7 degrees. Normally, the conditions that allow to stay well in an air conditioned environment, have a relative humidity between 40 and 60% and an internal temperature below 27 ° during the day and 23 ° C at night. Use the air conditioner at full capacity to maintain climatic conditions too artificial, in addition to being healthy, they can increase the power consumption with very serious repercussions on the bill and, consequently, on the environment (increase in CO2 emissions).



There are basically two types of air conditioner: The air conditioner fixed and portable one.

The Fixed conditioner is the perfect solution to refresh the environment both in terms of functionality and the internal noise that consumption. It is divided into two types, single split or multi-split, depending on who has a unique device for cooling the environment, or more appliances to refrigerate two or more premises of the housing unit. It consists of two units, one internal (or more in case of multi-split) evaporator internal call and an external call compressor, fixed to the wall.

The air conditioner is a less efficient than fixed, both for consumption and for the power to the noise. But sometimes it is the only choice. There are basically two types of portable air conditioners, those block and those monosplit. The difference lies in the fact that the first accorpano in the same unit evaporator and compressor (hence the higher noise level) while in the latter the two units are separate, with the compressor placed outside environment (but not fixed). Monosplit are more powerful than those packaged conditioners and also less noisy.



Endorsed the recommendations expressed above the general advice can only be to choose the most efficient models on the basis of the relationship between the product and the cold electricity consumption (energy efficiency ratio).

Also in this case comes to our aid the EcoTopTen of Legambiente which analyzed 369 models, of which 336 fixed (mono and multi) and 33 laptops, the 15 most popular brands in the Italian market. The list contains the top 10 models in terms of absolute performance and the top ten of the best products percategoria: fixed single split, multi-split fixed, portable




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