What are the time prescribed by law for the maintenance of boilers

When you buy a boiler, the seller should also inform you about the maintenance to which it is subjected. In particular, those with a boiler in your home should know that it can undergo two types of maintenance: one, called ordinary, is topped by two reference standards, or the Uni-Cig 10435/95 and the Uni-Cig 10436/96 , which are defined according to the safety rules, operating and cleaning the boiler, such as actions to be taken annually.

The second type of maintenance is given instead by the "compulsory by law", namely the verification of the combustion efficiency and the examination of the fumes of the boiler, with particular reference to age and model of the boiler according to the reference standard n ° 192/2005, as amended by No. 311/2006.

In fact:

- With regard to gas boilers with a nominal power above 35 kW, the expiration of the mandatory review is annual;

- For boilers with power less than 35 kW, and for their first 8 years of life, the review deadline is 4 years;

- For boilers that instead have exceeded 8 years of life and for those with hot water heat generator equipped with open outbreak, the overhaul period is two years.

This kind of checks and maintenance should always be performed by a trust, or by a specialist in the field, which, at the end of the same, has the obligation to deliver to the home owner the ratio of technical control, he will have to store carefully in a special folder along with other documents, such as the book of plant, the declaration of conformity and relationships - in duplicate - of all the technical scrutineering.

These interventions should therefore be required or installer from whom you purchased the boiler, or by contacting the leaf or the Chamber of Commerce, bearing in mind two fundamental elements: the cost - which is around 100 euro - and the period which carry out the checks, which corresponds with the season less cold, or the spring-summer period.




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