Which only the types of boiler that can be installed in a dwelling? Open chamber boiler, boiler room sealed, condensing boiler

Open chamber boiler

The boiler open chamber "natural draft" permits the draft in a natural way, the exhaust fumes.

Its operation is to take the combustion air to the environment, through the openings front or side.

The fumes are transported by a natural draft through the chimney, which leads them outside.

The new regulations allow the installation of this boiler only outside the house or in places where there is a special ventilation.

The installation of a boiler room within the home can open exclusively to replace one of the same type already existed previously.

The legislation provides boiler installation in addition to connecting the appliance to the chimney an obligation to create an opening that allows air circulation and proper oxygenation during boiler operation.

Sealed chamber

With a sealed chamber and the fumes are discharged by force "forced draft".

With this type of boiler the flame is completely isolated from the environment, with the use of a coaxial which allows withdrawing air from the outside and at the same time with the aid of a fan the expulsion of exhaust fumes .

The sealed chamber boilers can be installed in any environment, because the withdrawal and expulsion of air are outdoors.


Condensing boiler

Condensing boilers have been developed in recent years to give results in terms of energy saving and environmental protection in particular.

The difference with the traditional models where the combustion gases are removed through the exhaust of the fumes, in a condensing boiler, the fumes are recovered and conveyed in another exchanger.

The cost of a condensing boiler is higher by 30-40% compared to a conventional boiler, but which allow nel'arco of time to amortize the expense incurred due to the higher yield compared to a normal boiler.

It can be installed in any type of environment being totally watertight, you will have to add just a pipe for condensate collection.




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